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5 tips for laying your lawn in winter

Despite what you might think or have been told, you can DEFINITELY lay turf during those cooler winter months. In fact, in some cases this can be preferable for those who don’t seem to have the time in the warmer months because summer is their peak business period.

What’s important to remember is that while turf can be laid year round in Australia, it might take a little longer to establish. We’re not talking months, maybe about four weeks instead of two. In saying that, because Wild Horse Turf only grows the quality grass you’ve already got a good head start when you choose one of our varieties!  

5 tips for laying your lawn in winter

1. Ensure your site is well prepared

Our biggest tip is that you clear the site of weeds, as these annoying pests seem to be able to thrive in all seasons and might compete against your newly laid lawn. Use a total kill and then wait a week or so, if you can, and then reapply if needs be. This will ensure your site is clear of weeds and old grass.

If your top soil isn’t fabulous and the site not as fertile as you’d like, you can opt to put down a layer of quality top soil and then level the site. For more in-depth information on how to prepare your site for your new turf, visit here.

Tip: Turf won’t dry out as fast in winter – but this doesn’t mean you can delay laying it as soon as it’s delivered or you get it home.

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2. Choose the right turf for your conditions

We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to consider where you live, the type of weather you have and your individual circumstances when it comes to choosing the right turf. Wild Horse Turf grows five of the best varieties in Australia, each with their own unique characteristics.

We grow the hard-wearing Wintergreen couch, considered the best all-round lawn on the market because of its rapid recovery. But let’s not forget the eye-catching Palmetto buffalo grass that requires less mowing and tolerates frosts, and the hugely popular Zoysia grass, Empire Zoysia; one of the most drought-tolerant lawns on the market that copes extremely well with heat. 

Hint: Don’t ask us to choose which one is our favourite variety – that’s like choosing a favourite child! But DO ask us which one is best suited to your needs. Call us on (07) 5496 9790 and we’ll talk you through to choose turf, how do you want your new lawn to look

3. Give your new lawn more time to establish

During winter you’ll have to allow your new lawn more time to establish, because it can take a little longer to settle in and grow a healthy and strong root structure. This should take about four weeks but could be up to six depending on climatic conditions. It’s nothing to worry about, keep in mind that like all living things, the growth cycle of grass slows down in cooler months.

Tip: Be super strict on foot traffic in winter, fence off your new lawn because it’s harder for lawns to self-repair in cooler months than in warmer conditions.

4. Watering your new turf is winter is super important

You might be thinking because it’s cooler that you won’t have to water your new lawn as much, but this is not the case. Any new lawn, regardless of what season it’s put down, needs daily watering for the first four to six weeks. It’s best to water in the early morning and evening. 

Keep in mind that only after heavy rainfall can you let up on watering; even then it’s wise to check if the soil is wet after the rain has stopped. Often a day’s shower can be deceptive and might not actually penetrate to the root zone. If in doubt, water, water, water.

Hint: Don’t consider the light dew your new grass gets as enough water for the day – it only sits on top of the blades and then usually evaporates. Water must get to the roots to help them grow into the soil.

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5. Consider an all-round fertiliser

To give your new winter lawn a kick-start consider using an all-round fertiliser such as Seasol during the first weeks after it’s been laid. You can also regularly use this in spring, following the product’s instructions, so your lawn is better equipped to handle next winter. Can you lay turf in winter, turf for sunshine coast, tips for laying lawn in winter

Tip: If you’re tempted to start mowing, hold off at least six weeks until it has decent growth, this will ensure you don’t stress your new winter lawn.

There’s no reason why you can’t grow a luscious lawn in winter, in time for those summer barbecues and activities. It just means a little more forward thinking and a bit more patience while it takes hold, but it will all be worth it.

We’ve spent years helping customers grow great turf in winter, so email here or call 5496 9790 to see how we can help you with your next project. We also offer an installation service!

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