Caring for your new lawn in three easy steps

Caring for your new lawn in three easy steps

Once your turf has been laid, either by us or yourselves, it’s crucial to do a little bit of maintenance until it’s established. We understand that life is hectic, but just a few minutes every day will ensure your investment thrives and grows into the luscious lawn you’ve always wanted.

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1. Make the hose your friend

Firstly, start watering yesterday! As soon as your turf is down we suggest your water it immediately, this will keep it moist and help prevent dry off. New turf needs about one or two light applications every day; with heavy watering every second day.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the weather and the seasons; if it’s extra windy it’s best to water a little more. Similarly, if heavy rain is falling, be careful not to flood your new turf. During the heat of summer it’s wise to hose early and late in the day, sometimes new lawn will require watering up to four times a day during extreme heat.

Is watering really that important?

The short answer is yes. We’re obsessed with watering because this can make or break your new lawn. What you need to keep in mind is that you don’t want the area directly underneath the new turf to dry out.

Tip: Why not put on your headphones and listen to music or a podcast while you’re watering.

How can I tell if my lawn needs more water?

By using the footprint test you can find out if your new lawn is dry. If your footprints stay, it’s time to bring out the hose. Lawn will only have footprints when there are low levels of water in the blades, allowing the grass to be compressed by your weight.

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2. Try to limit foot traffic

It’s easier said than done but try to keep all foot traffic to a bare minimum during the first four weeks; or until your new lawn is well established. This will give it the best possible start, and while it might mean creating a detour or taking the long way round, it’s a small price to pay for a luscious lawn.

Fun Fact: Turf provides a natural fire barrier, reduces noise and can increase home values by up to 18 per cent. Source: Turf Australia

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3. Mow your new lawn once turf is established 

While it’s tempting to mow a thriving new lawn, we advise you to do this only once the turf is rooted in the soil. This usually takes 14 to 21 days, but in cooler conditions it might take longer and during warmer months your lawn will take root faster.

How will I know if my new lawn is ready to mow?

A sure-fire way to find out if your lawn is established is to gently lift a piece of turf by a corner to test how easily it lifts. Once it’s established you won’t be able to lift the turf at all and this means your lawn is good to mow.

Is there an ideal length to cut my new lawn?

We recommend that you never cut more than one-third of the leaf off in any one mowing session. Ideally the first mowing should be set at about 30mm for Couch and 40mm for Sapphire and Zoysia. If you so desire, you can gradually reduce the height over the next two to three mows.

Most importantly, if you have a specific question about your new lawn, shoot us an email here or call us on 5496 9790. And remember, there is no such thing as silly question!


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