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Everything You Need To Know About Collecting Turf

If you’re collecting your turf from our Sunshine Coast farm instead of having it delivered, there are a few things to keep in mind. Wild Horse Turf has three properties scattered throughout the Glass House Mountains, but you’ll be picking up you order from the main farm located at 113 Link Road.

Frequently asked questions on collecting turf

Where exactly are you located?

The address you’re heading to is 113 Link Road, Glass House Mountains. If you’re coming from the Bruce Highway, the best way to come is from Johnson Road and then Spanner Road which leads to Link Road.

It’s pretty straight forward but often modern-day GPS systems send us on wild goose chases away from our actual destinations. You know you’re on the right track if you’re passing forestry areas and you’re on a gravel (non-sealed) road. There’s a sign on the gate and follow the driveway to our sales office – you can’t miss it!

What sort of vehicle do I need?

This depends on the amount of turf you want to collect; ideally it should be some sort of utility vehicle. You can also use car towing a good quality trailer; but if must have decent suspension because big loads of turf can be heavy.

What is the most turf I can expect to collect myself?

This depends on the capacity of your vehicle. For large orders keep in mind that an average pallet is 40-to-50 square metres and will weigh between 800 to 100kgs. If you’re still unsure on exactly how much turf you need, here is our turf calculator.

Can I use my small car to collect a small amount?

Yes, we can load turf into your boot. We suggest some sort of matting to protect your car’s interior, newspaper or a tarp will do. Keep in mind that each slab is 1.2m by 600mm wide and weighs between 5-8 kilograms.

How bulky and heavy is the turf?

Turf is often a lot heavier and bigger than people imagine. Each slab weighs between 5-8 kilograms depending on its moisture content, after rain it’ll be heavier. To give yourself an idea of the exact size, grab a measuring tape and check the dimensions of the vehicle you intend to use.spring lawn care, turf sunshine coast

What is minimum or maximum amount of turf I can collect?

There is no upper or lower limit. Just consider the vehicle you intend to bring. We also offer a delivery service for those who want to outsource this job. Call us 5496 9790 to get a quote.

Will I have to tie it down with ropes or a tarp?

Yes, definitely. The law now states that all loads MUST be tied down and covered, or else you’ll get ticketed if pulled over. It’s not worth the risk, so please make sure you pack some ropes, a tie-down and a tarp or cargo netting to cover your load. 

Will someone be there to help me?

With open arms, well not really, but yes someone will help load your turf into your car or larger vehicle. For extra big loads we can use our forklift.

Do I need a 4WD?

Wild Horse Turf is a working farm and yes there are times when it’s been raining heavily that it can get a little muddy. However, a normal two-wheel-drive vehicle is all you need. In the unlikely event you won’t get to us, we’ll let you know in advance.

Can I use my trailer with high sides?

You sure can, but due to strict you load laws, you will still have to cover and tie your turf load with some material before leaving Wild Horse Turf premises.

Loads in high-sided trailers are still required to be tied down.

Can I just turn up without calling you and collect some turf?

No sorry. Because we’re a cut-to-order turf supplier you must ring and order in advance. This way you get the freshest grass possible and it means we’ll have your order ready on time.

What are your collection hours?

You’re welcome to collect your turf from Monday to Friday from 8am-3pm – or by appointment only if special arrangements have been made prior.

When do I pay for my order?

Ideally this is done over the phone before you collect your turf, or we can take payment on delivery.

Is there anything else I should bring with me?

Aside from materials to cover and tie down your load, pack some water if it’s a hot day and maybe dress appropriately for loading grass into your to collect turf, turf sunshine coast

Can I bring my dogs?

We don’t mind if your dog rides with you to our farm, but please leave him or her in the car while we’re loading turf. We like to play it safe and would hate your animal to get lost.

Is there anything else I should know?

Our friendly farm dog Max is usually hovering around somewhere, but we can tie him up if you’ve got children who might get spooked. Also, as a family-run turf farm you might come across tractors, the harvester, other vehicles and our own children, so please obey all the signs in regards to speed. 

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