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At Wild Horse Turf we are dedicated to growing the best turf on the market, as well as giving you all the information you need to make it thrive in your backyard. We believe there’s no such thing as a silly question, so if you’re query isn’t answered below, email us here or call 07 5496 9790 and we’ll see you right.

Frequently asked questions about preparing for your new lawn and laying turf

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Can I pick turf up?

Yes, you can pick up your pre-ordered and pre-paid turf from our farm. Our business hours are Monday to Friday between 7am-5pm and Saturday by appointment. Please place your order no later than 12pm the day prior to pick up.

Am I able to inspect your farm prior to purchase?

We’re immensely proud of our growing techniques and we’re happy to show you around the farm and help you choose the best turf variety for your unique project. All you have to do is call 07 5496 9790 to make an appointment.

Will you deliver turf to my backyard?

Yes, we’re happy to do this depending on the access you have available. However, we also offer a complete turf delivery and installation service by a team of experienced installers.

What are the dimensions and weights of turf slabs and pallets?

Our high quality turf slabs are 0.72 square meters. Each slab is 0.6 metres wide and 1.25m long. Each slab weighs 5 to 7 kg. Turf is cut into slabs on pallets and a 50 metre pallet weighs about 800kg. This is something to keep in mind if you have a large area to grass.

How do I calculate the total square metres of turf that I require?

You don’t want to be caught short or have excess slabs of turf, so it’s wise to measure areas for turf quantity by multiplying the length by the width of the area. Alternatively, why not use our handy dandy turf calculator on our website.

How soon do I need to lay the turf after delivery?

To give your new lawn the best start, it’s best to lay turf as soon as possible and within 12 hours of delivery. We can’t stress enough that the sooner it is laid and watered the better. Your lawn will establish more quickly if you limit the time between cutting and laying/watering. Time is of the essence, especially during those hot summer months.

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Do I have to get rid of existing lawn before installing my new turf?

Make sure your existing lawn has been killed off, we recommend spraying with a total weed killer such as Roundup. Then wait seven days for before rotary hoeing and then spreading topsoil. Often areas require a few applications. Not all surfaces require you to rotary hoe, but give us a call if you’re unsure. Click here for some more information on how to prepare you site for turf installation.

How long does it take to lay turf?

Depending on how many helpers you’ve managed to get on board and how big of an area you have to turf, it will take a good few hours. But as a guide, an average person lays 50 square meters in one hour.

Can you install turf for us?

Absolutely! Our experienced and efficient team offers a laying service, leaving your more time to focus on your business or pleasure activity. Call us on 07 5496 9790 to discuss your project.

Can I install turf during winter?

You sure can, in fact if you’re in the south east Queensland area you’ll know it’s not as cold as other parts, so installation will be bearable. Just be mindful that your new lawn might take longer to establish because like all living things, turf slows down growth wise in winter. Another bonus is your new lawn won’t require as much watering, and you won’t get as hot and bothered installing it in winter!

If it’s raining can I still install my new lawn?

Definitely can, in fact installing your new lawn while it’s raining gives you a head start because it will ensure every slab is thoroughly soaked. Also, like most plants, turf loves a bit of a soaking. Keep in mind the soil must be kept moist until the roots of your turf have been established after about 10 to 14 days, so if Mother Nature is helping out with that then lucky you. In saying that, we wouldn’t suggest laying turf during a potentially damaging thunderstorm.

How often should I be watering my new lawn?

As soon as your turf has been laid it must be watered, it is crucial your new lawn is kept moist to prevent die off. As a general rule, new turf should have one or two light applications each day and heavy watering at least every second day. Keep an eye on the weather – your turf will need more water on hot or windy days, less if it’s been raining.

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How long do I have to stay off my new lawn?

In an ideal world, keeping all foot traffic to a minimum for up to four weeks is the very best way to give your new lawn the best start. We understand that isn’t always possible but if possible try to limit traffic on your new lawn until it’s established. You can check this by gently lifting a piece of turf by a corner to test how easily it will lift. You won’t be able to lift turf once it’s established. If you are laying your new lawn in late autumn or winter, we recommend staying off the turf as long as possible to give it the best chance possible.

When will my lawn be established?

In an ideal world your luscious-looking new lawn will be established in about 2 weeks in summer and 4 weeks in winter. Of course times will vary depending on climatic conditions. A quick way to find out if your lawn is established is to gently lift a piece of turf by a corner to test how easily it lifts. Once it’s established you won’t be able to lift the turf at all and this means your lawn is good to mow.

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When should I mow my new lawn?

It is important that your new turf is mowed as soon as it is rooted in the soil. This usually takes 14 – 21 days; however, we recommend you never cut more than one-third of the leaf off in any one mowing. The first mowing should be set at around 30mm for couch and 40mm for Sapphire and Zoysia. You can then gradually reduce the height over the next two to three mows. For ongoing lawn health we suggest you mow couch at 15-20mm in summer and 30mm in winter. We recommend mowing Sapphire and Empire at 30-35mm in summer and 50mm in winter.

Help? My lawn is losing its colour!

Try not to worry too much, all warm season grasses or turf lose a little colour over winter because they are not actively growing. Certain varieties will retain more of their colour throughout cooler winter months. If you’d like to lessen the loss of colour next season, consider fertilising in March and April ahead of the winter months.

When should I be fertilising my new lawn?

We suggest you fertilise about six weeks after installing your turf, this will help keep it in top shape. For best results we recommend fertilising four times a year using a slow release. If your turf is healthy and deep-rooted it’s more tolerant to stress, will retain its colour better and can outcompete weeds.

What can I do about weeds and pests such as lawn grubs?

Firstly, we hate weeds and pests as much as you do, but all is not lost if you have either of these in your new lawn. Pesky lawn grubs are relatively common and signs include increased bird activity on your lawn, greyish-brown moths, a spongy lawn and brown patches. Look for a pest control product that is going to stay in the soil. Call us on 07 5496 9790 for more help on how to tackle lawn grubs.

Do you offer any guarantees?

At Wild Horse Turf we are committed to producing the best turf on the market and can guarantee it will arrive at the delivery address in the same high quality condition it left our farm in. We also guarantee our installation service. It’s our dedication to growing only the best turf varieties that makes us one of the top sellers in south east Queensland. You won’t be disappointed.

Can I pay by credit card?

You sure can. We accept Visa and MasterCard and can provide you with a tax receipt and invoice.

If you’ve got more questions or just want to make a no-obligation inquiry, call our friendly and professional team on 07 5496 9790.


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