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five ways to keep your lawn green this winter

Similar to how we hibernate and tend do things a little slower in winter, your lawn becomes dormant or semi-dormant in the cooler months, especially if it’s one of the warm varieties we sell here at Wild Horse Turf.

The trick to keeping your lawn green is to change the way you tend to it, particularly in regards to mowing. Follow these simple tips and you’re likely to be rewarded with a luscious-looking lawn all through the winter months.

1. Keep on top of weeds

Your lawn is likely to be at its weakest in winter so may find it harder to fight off pesky weeds, so now is the time to keep on top of any vagrants who might be invading your lawn. Make sure you choose the herbicide right for your specific lawn variety and allow two weeks for it to work, keep in mind you might need to apply it twice.

Turf tip: If you’ve got a lot of specific type of weed but can’t identify it? Pull some out and take it to your local nursery or hardware store to ensure you get the correct herbicide.

2. Ensure lawn is getting enough sun

If you’ve chosen one of our shade tolerant varieties, then shorter days and less sunlight won’t really affect or bother your lawn. However, those that require a little more sunlight to fire up during cooler months might require you to give them a helping hand. If possible, cut back any overhanging shrubs or trees to give your turf extra sunlight hours. Moss in your lawn is a sign it needs more sunlight.

3. Be wary of watering too much

Shorter and cooler days mean your turf has less time to dry, so water sparingly to ensure your lawn doesn’t become waterlogged. For those in areas where Jack Frost makes a regular appearance, if you’re up and about early (like us) watering your lawn can dissolve the frost and help your lawn retain its lovely green colour.

4. Change your mowing habits

In winter, reduce the frequency of your mowing from every two or so weeks to about once every three to four weeks. Not only does this ensure you aren’t scalping a sleeping lawn, but the longer the blades of grass, the better for photosynthesis.

Turf tip: Winter is also a great time to attend to some maintenance on your mower. Get those blades sharpened so when spring arrives, you’re ready to mow with gusto.

5. Don’t stop aerating

While it’s tempting to leave your lawn to its own devices during winter, if you’re keeping up with the weeding then it makes sense to also give it the occasional aeration. You won’t need to bother with hiring equipment if you’ve got a small-to-medium area, just get your garden fork and open up the soil at 10cm intervals. 

Just because it’s winter it doesn’t mean you should put up with a brown lawn. If you’ve got concerns about the health of your lawn, take a photo and email it to or call us on (07) 5496 9790, we’re here to help.