Sapphire Soft-Leaf Buffalo

Sapphire Soft-Leaf Buffalo

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If you’re after a classic buffalo lawn without the coarse-looking leaf, then look no further than the Sapphire soft-leaf buffalo lovingly grown at Wild Horse Turf. It’s much-loved for its super fine texture and its ability to establish in most climates. With an enviable deep green colour and deep root system, your Sapphire soft leaf buffalo lawn will be the envy of many.

A real crowd pleaser, did you know that Sapphire is bred in Australia from the older and super well-known Sir Walter buffalo turf?  This next generation grass oozes sophistication and is the only Australian-bred buffalo that is now grown in the US!

Why choose Sapphire soft-leaf buffalo

1. This grass is more than just a pretty face

Don’t be fooled by the finer texture of Sapphire soft leaf buffalo, it has all the benefits of the other high performance buffalo grass and needs less water, has deep roots and is hard wearing. This variety doesn’t rely on its fine leaves for its fine texture, but its folding leaf.

What’s super clever about Sapphire soft leaf buffalo is that when it’s mature, its leaf folds at tight angles along its axis, resulting in a fine texture. This is important, because fine leaf buffalo lawns often have thatch problems, can be shallow rooted, poor wearing and are slow growing. We’re confident the Sapphire soft leaf buffalo lawn we grow will not be affected by any of these issues.

Tip: We recommend that you fertilise and water this variety more than normal in extra high wear areas.

2. Recovery time from wear and tear is fast

If your lawn is more than just looks and is likely to take a battering from time-to-time, this variety is quick to recover and is also incredibly hard wearing. This is because it has a deep root system and grows quickly across the ground and this isn’t common for fine textured grass.

Usually lawns with a finer texture are slow growing with shallow roots, but not this beauty, Sapphire soft leaf buffalo really is an outstanding performer. Another reason Wild Horse Turf loves growing this variety so much is that it’s also soft underfoot and touch and is truly eye-catching.

3. It keeps its deep, rich colour in winter

As well as being quick to strike, Sapphire soft leaf buffalo lawn is as good as or better than older Australian bred buffalos in regards to keeping its striking green colour in winter. This is often why this variety is used in highly visible areas around homes, businesses and parks.

In areas such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide (so long as you fertilise it in April) this grass has excellent winter colour. In cooler areas such as Canberra, this grass holds its winter colour longer than other varieties.

Mowing tip: Cut Sapphire soft leaf buffalo to 35-45mm in full sun and 50-60mm in shade.

4. When it comes to tolerance, Sapphire soft leaf buffalo has stacks

The beauty of this attractive grass is that it’s also very tolerant of both hot and cold weather. For example it thrives in hot humid and desert areas and has been tested down to minus 10C in Canberra.

Also keep in mind the environs you plan on planting this variety in because turf in general declines in quality as the degree of light decreases in any given area. Sapphire soft leaf buffalo is recommended for up to 70% shade in areas with low wear and up to 50% shade in areas with moderate-to-high wear.

5. Weeds are less likely to take over

Due to Sapphire soft leaf buffalo’s tight mat and the fact it’s fast growing and high performing, there’s very little room for weeds to take hold. We’d go so far as to say this variety is excellent at showing pesky weeds who’s the boss.

But in the unlikely event that broad leaf weeds do become a problem, we suggest spraying your lawn with Bromoxynil and MCPA because it’s resistant to these chemicals. Of course always follow directions on the pack. And remember Dicamba-based herbicides are NEVER SAFE on Buffalo grass.

Hint: Once established this lawn should only need watering in the warmer months, in general once every few weeks, except in severe heat and drought conditions when it might need more.

If you’re keen to install this beautiful turf at your home or place of work, get measuring and get in touch with us to discuss the best way we can help you make this happen. Email us here or call 07 5496 9790.
Don’t forget Wild Horse Turf also offers an efficient delivery and installation service.

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Simon Farrell
The Beerwah Hideaway


Dean is a great bloke who will look after you. We have bought about 300sqm of the Sapphire and are very happy with its performance.


Very good customer service from Amanda in the office and Dean who advised us on the type of turf that would suit and even helped load it for us. Very very happy with our Sapphire turf.

Love the emails on hints and tips for caring for our new turf.


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