Wild Horse Turf is committed to providing you with a range of quality turf varieties, which is why we’ve chosen to grow Tropika blue couch, an improved cultivar of blue couch. This little beauty is high performing and much-sought after in regards to both domestic and commercial fields.

A hardy turf, Tropika has an attractive blue/green leaf that is fine-to-medium textured. We know what you’re thinking, who on earth wants a blue-tinged lawn? However, you can be rest assured that the turf we grow is far from the blue you’re thinking about. It fact it has a lovely colour, see for yourself in the photo below.

Freshest Grass

5 reasons you’ll love Tropika blue couch

1. It is a low maintenance lawn option

Whether you’re running a business, have young children or looking to turf a rental property, Tropika blue couch is a fabulous low-maintenance option for you. While it resembles Queensland blue couch, it’s actually hardier and can be left to its own devices and still thrive.

As a warm season perennial grass that’s native to tropical and subtropical Africa, Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands, it likes things hot. This is also why this turf is well suited to growing in coastal sandy areas.

Hint: When choosing this turf, be mindful it’s not a lover of heavily shaded spots.

2. Tropika is easy on your garden

Many varieties of green couch can be invasive, particularly around garden beds. But Tropika is been cultivated to be less of a pest because it’s a relatively fast growing stoloniferous grass that does not produce underground rhizomes (stems).

Additionally, this ‘blue’ beauty has a much stronger and denser coverage than Queensland blue couch, making it the couch of choice for those wanting a hassle-free lawn that looks healthy and can cope with a bit of wear and tear. It’s also the perfect choice for bowling greens, sports fields and golf courses.

3. It’s capable of doing well in tough conditions

Due to Tropika’s unique ability to adapt to soils that are sandy and acidic, it’s not shy of setting up shop in areas where soil fertility is lower than usual. In saying that, this variety will react positively to the addition of fertiliser if you’re noticing it could do with some TLC.

For areas such as schools, road sides and parks, that might be left to their own devices a lot of the time, Tropika would excel. Also keep in mind that while this variety is not as shade tolerant as Buffalo grasses, it’s better than the green couches and the original Queensland blue couch.

Fact: While Tropika doesn’t adore frosts; it has the best tolerance of all blue couch varieties.

4. You won’t spend a fortune making it look pretty

As a couch variety, this turf is bred to be hardy and require less maintenance than other varieties we grow here at Wild Horse Turf. Tropika’s leaves are up to 5-10mm wide and 25-45mm long and create a dense cover rather quickly without you having to do much at all.

It’s not a variety that needs a lot of watering or fertilising, but it won’t mind a little bit of attention if you so desire. For best results set the mower to about 20-30mm. And if you’re not a fan of a lawn that thatches, then Tropika is for you, because it does not thatch up.

5. This turf can be very forgiving

If you or the newly-trained lawn mower in the household accidentally goes a little overboard, Tropika blue couch will forgive you. In fact, it’s been said that this variety is perfect for those ‘learner mowers’ because it recovers well from scalping.

Tropika also has excellent drought tolerance during dry periods and won’t thin out like Queensland blue couch. Sure it might lose some colour but it will maintain its dense appearance and quickly regains a lush appearance after rain or irrigation.

DID YOU KNOW?  Tropika is allelopathic; this means it has the ability to naturally suppress other grasses and weeds. Its root system exudes chemicals that act as a natural pre-emergent herbicide – how clever is that? This makes it a safe and ecological way to achieve and maintain a weed free lawn.

Any time is the right time lay turf, so get measuring (allowing a little extra for cut-offs) and then email us here or call 07 5496 9790 to arrange an inspection of our turf farm to choose the grass best  suited for your next project.





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