Preparing your lawn for a spring event

Preparing your lawn for a spring event

Many of us tend to hibernate a little during winter, so this makes it the perfect time to give our lawns a bit of TLC so they’re ready for social events once spring arrives. So if you’re planning on hosting a wedding, a Melbourne Cup party or a special birthday celebration come spring, we’ve got a few tricks and tips to help ensure your lawn looks pristine for the big day.

Preparing your lawn for a spring event

Preparing your lawn for a spring event

If you’re hosting a grand affair such as a wedding or engagement party, you might decide you want to lay completely new turf. This is something Wild Horse Turf can easily arrange for you, we will even get our experienced team to deliver and install it at a time that is convenient to you.
The other option is to spend some time taking care of worn or neglected turf; you might also need to re-turf certain areas that haven’t thrived as well as others or have been shaded in winter. With a little forethought and preparation you’ll have a smart looking lawn you’ll be proud to entertain on.

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Ensure your lawn is a safe surface

Without trying to be the fun police, safety must come first when it comes to hosting an event on your lawn. The last thing you want is someone to take a tumble on an uneven section of your lawn, so take a little time to fill in any hollows or holes with some quality top soil.
To get rid of ankle-biting ants living in the section of lawn you plan to entertain on, try spraying peppermint oil on ant trails and hills; powdered garlic or cloves may also act as deterrents. Ideally move garbage and waste as far away from your lawn as you can, and keep it healthy because ants tend to thrive in areas of stressed plants and soil.

Tip: Don’t worry too much about gentle undulations in your lawn, just check for trip hazards.

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Tend to worn or neglected turf

To ensure a vibrant colour in spring, start watering your lawn regularly because dry patches of lawn won’t be transformed overnight. Keep in mind some turf varieties, such as our Wintergreen Couch and Empire Zoysia, bounce back quicker than others. Applying a good fertiliser will also help boost the colour of your lawn.
If you’ve got patches of turf that have taken a battering over winter or you haven’t had time to tend to it, consider laying new sections of turf; you can order as much or as little as you like. It won’t take long before it blends in with the rest of your lawn. You can also use our handy turf calculator to help you work out how much turf you might need.

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Kick weeds to the curb

During cooler months weeds can dominate your lawn, particularly clover, but you can get rid of them by applying a weed killer about three-to-four weeks before your spring event. There’s a variety of herbicides on the market that won’t damage your lawn, only the weeds in it. If you’d like us to suggest a product for you call us on 5496 9790.
Remember, getting rid of weeds isn’t an overnight job, so plan ahead so you’re not rushing or stressing at the last minute. If you’ve left it too late don’t worry too much, just dig out thistles and other nasties that might hurt bare feet. And while you might notice that small patch of weeds, it’s unlikely your guests will.

Hint: Don’t mow too short, a stressed lawn that has been scalped is more prone to weed invasion and will be patchier.

Prepare for lawn for what’s to come

It’s all well and good to have a lawn that is spectacular for your spring event, but you don’t want to compromise the long-term health of it just for one day. You can actually toughen up your lawn so heavy traffic, high heels and tent pegs won’t damage it too much.
To do this, use an aerator to make little holes in your lawn. Only do this if you’ve got weeks up your sleeve. This isn’t something you would do a week or so out from your spring event because it can look a bit untidy for a few days. Aerating your turf allows water, air and nutrients to percolate down into your soil to help nourish and support its roots.

Preparing your lawn for a spring event

The final touches

Now that you’ve watered, weeded and trip-proofed your lawn, all you’ll have to do in the days before your spring event is to ensure edges are nicely trimmed and maybe give it one final watering.

If something unexpected happens to your lawn just before your celebration and you’re not sure what to do, get in touch with us. We’ve hosted many a lawn party and can offer a solution to every problem, call Wild Horse Turf on 5496 9790.


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