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Seven spring lawn care tips

If you’ve neglected your lawn over the winter months and it’s looking a little worse for wear, never fear. The trick is to sprinkle it with a little love in spring so come summer it’s in fabulous condition and won’t require much attention. A little work now will pay off in the long run.

For those wanting a lawn that requires hardly any maintenance year-round and almost half the mowing of other grasses, then Wild Horse Turf suggests Palmetto soft leaf buffalo and the easy-care Empire Zoysia. Both are also extremely wear tolerant and have a striking green appearance.

Now let’s get back to the task at hand, preparing your lawn for spring. Why not involve the whole family, get the kids on board and maybe they can earn a little pocket money while they’re at it.

Seven lawn care tips for Spring

1. Remove anything blanketing your lawn

Leaves tend to dominate a lawn’s surface in winter and if you haven’t already raked them off now is the time. A deep raking will also remove any excess thatch and dead grass that has built up; remember dead blades of grass is thatch waiting to happen.

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2. Keep an eye out for moss

In shady areas or those that have been covered by leaves; look for the presence of moss plants. Obviously if you’ve had a dry winter this won’t apply, but for those who find moss, it signals acidity. And because grass prefers a neutral pH, we suggest you add lime to your soil to address this. 

However, lime isn’t a quick fix, so if you’re not sure if this is the best way forward, get in touch with us and we’ll suggest a solution. Keep in mind that a soil that is too alkaline will cause problems also.

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3. Repair holes and even out lawn

If you’ve had a wet autumn or winter than some spots of your lawn might be uneven. Top dressing during spring is the best time to get on top of those pot holes and depressions in your lawn. Look for a top dressing mix, preferably with decent sand or sandy loam content, and spread on turf where there are depressions and then rake to level. Make sure a bit of the leaf is still showing.

4. Attend to those bare patches

Browning and thinning is something that happens from time-to-time with certain turf varieties during winter. Once spring conditions and rain arrives they’ll usually perk up and burst back into a lush green lawn.

However, if you’ve got some patches of your lawn that have been subjected to super heavy traffic and are completely dead or barren, you can always order a few new slabs to put down in their place. You can buy as little as you need and Wild Horse Turf offers a delivery or pick-up service.

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5. Fertilise to give turf a boost 

If you fertilise only once a year then do it in spring, it improves soil health, and depending on which one you choose, a good product can help with moisture retention during a drought. With a variety of fertilisers on the market, we suggest you find one with easy-to-apply small granules that can easily filter through the lawn and deliver nutrients to the roots.

At Wild Horse Turf we use a particular variety of fertiliser that keeps our crops in peak condition,  and while generally 15kg covers up to 250sqm for an established lawn (and 125sqm for a new one), we’d be happy to discuss how much you might need for your particular area. Don’t forget to water in your fertiliser.

6. Get a jump on those pesky weeds

In an ideal world there’d be no weeds (or taxes) but it’s a part of life and so spring is the best to time prevent them from taking hold. Get a good pre-emergent herbicide that will stop any weed seedlings from sprouting and taking over your lawn.

If that ship has already sailed, the post-emergent weed killers are equally as effective. Keep an eye out for the arrival of perennial weeds, especially those colourful yet annoying dandelions. Snap off their flower stems before they produce seeds or choose a herbicide spray that kills broadleaf weeds.spring lawn care, turf sunshine coast

7. Show your lawn mower you care

Neglecting the all-important mower is quite common among homeowners, but when was the last time yours had a tune up or new blades? Maybe it needs a new wheel, the catcher repaired or perhaps it’s time to retire your mower and get a new one?

It’s THE most essential piece of motorised equipment when it comes to the health of your lawn. So this spring why not give your mower a once over, and while you’re at it, adjust your mowing level so you only remove 30-40% of the grass blade each time you cut. Your lawn should feel nice underfoot without feeling like you’re sinking into it.

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For more great advice on how to put the spring back into your lawn, drop us an email or call us on 5496 9790 and we’ll share our top tips with you! 

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