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The benefits of turf

When it comes to the numerous benefits of having a natural lawn we could write a book, well a short novel at least. In addition to completing the look of your home or garden, having a good lawn has the potential to improve your mental health, add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your property and can reduce air-conditioning costs.

But laying turf isn’t just a smart move financially; there are stacks of environmental, social and practical benefits in having a luscious lawn. And there’s nothing quite like that feeling of soft grass under foot during get-togethers or friendly sports matches.

Did you know? Natural grass can add between $48,00 and $83,000 to the average house price? Source: Turf Australia

The financial benefits of having turf

Turf Australia has done a survey and found that 9 out of 10 home buyers prefer natural grass, so if you decide to sell, having a well-manicured lawn could put you at the top of the list. Research also suggests a house with natural turf can increase its property values by 10 to 15 percent, and up to 18 per cent. 

As well as improving your house value, your average front lawn actually has a cooling effect that is equal to two air conditioners. You know yourself how refreshing it feels when you’re surrounded by fields of green grass as opposed to concrete or synthetic materials.

How your lawn is benefiting the environment

Natural grass is a total overachiever, as well as trapping about 12 million tonnes of dust a year, research has found that a 232sqm area of grass absorbs enough carbon dioxide and releases enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe for a year.

Grass also helps to maintain a balanced ecosystem and can improve water quality by slowing down run off and trapping pollutants and sediment. Your lawn is also a cheap and durable form of soil erosion control that can also reduce the risk of fires spreading because it acts as a fire break – talk about being outstanding in its field.

Fact: Rainwater filtered by turf is 10 times less acidic than run off from a hard surface.

Why having a lawn will actually make you happier – true story!

Think how much everyone, especially the kids, will get out and about on your new lawn, it makes the perfect surface for entertaining and playing on. From cartwheels to cricket and everything in between, your turf is the perfect pitch. And if it gets too much of a battering, it will come back to a near-perfect state with a bit of tender loving care.

Green spaces also provide therapeutic benefits and can create feelings of peacefulness. In addition, with a natural turf backyard there’s also less chance of bones being broken because it actually has a cushioning effect. Although we can’t guarantee there won’t be the odd grass burn, damaged pride or another injury at some stage.

So, if you want to use turf to transform your home into your castle, improve the environment you live in or create an enviable entertaining area, call 5496 9790 or email us here and we’ll discuss your options.

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