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the best way to water an established lawn

To ensure your established lawn remains healthy, drought resistant and able to withstand a bit of wear and tear, it will require watering, especially if you live in an area where rain is sporadic or insufficient.

At Wild Horse Turf we’re sticklers for perfection, so it won’t surprise you to learn that we have a strict watering schedule for the turf we grow on our Sunshine Coast farms. This ensures the lawn we deliver to your doorstep (or you collect) is in immaculate condition and already thriving.

You too can implement certain watering practices to improve and maintain the high quality of your lawn, and here’s all your questions answered with some tips thrown in for good measure.

Why should I water an established lawn?

Once you’ve watered in your new turf and it’s well and truly established, it’s tempting to leave your lawn to take care of itself. However, on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas there’s no guarantee it’s going to rain regularly meaning lawns can struggle a little.

Consider an average lawn needs about 2.5cm of water each week to soak to a depth of about 10-15cm. If you’re not getting this amount at least twice a month, you may need to consider irrigating or watering. 

Hint: Always water early morning or evening to reduce the evaporation of valuable water; this also ensures greater penetration into the soil.

Do I need water year-round?

It might seem logical to only water in the summer months when it’s hot and dry, but watering might also be needed during dry winters. In addition, consider sun and shade factors for your specific lawn; you’ll notice patches of your grass exposed to full sun will need more love.

Interestingly, watering heavily at infrequent intervals can often produce the healthiest of lawns. Ensure that your established turf is completely dry between watering intervals and keep in mind that most varieties Wild Horse Turf grows can tolerate dry conditions.

How can I tell if my lawn needs watering?

A dead giveaway is a burnt-off lawn that is brown and crunchy to walk on, but consider that footprints on a well-hydrated lawn will completely disappear within minutes. If footprints are still visible after an hour or so it’s time to get on the end of a hose or turn on a sprinkler.

You can also try using a screwdriver or large spike to test your soil’s moisture level. If it’s a tough job to push it in then it’s likely your soil is too dry, in this instance we recommend watering to help give you lawn a boost.

Tip: In-ground sprinklers or above-ground hose-end sprinklers can get clogged so inspect regularly to ensure uniform water coverage.

Our biggest tip is to not stress to much if you’re not able to water as often as you’d like, Wild Horse Turf prides itself on producing varieties that are drought and wear tolerant. But if you’ve got any watering questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch on (07) 5496 9790.